Meet The Staff

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Lucy is one of Dr. Hakakha's medical assistants. Lucy has over 22 years of experience working in Obstetrics and Gynecology, many of which have been with Dr. Hakakha. Her excellent skill set makes blood draws and in-office procedures easy. She is a native of Southern California and is the mother of Christina and Isaiah. Her friendly personality and warm smile are always something patients look forward to at each visit.
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Lisa is Dr. Hakakha's other medical assistant and works at the front desk. She is usually the first face that you will see when you come into the office. Lisa has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Cal State Dominguez Hills and earned her medical assistant's degree at Bryman College. Lisa has been with Dr. Hakakha from the day she started her practice in 2002. Dr. Hakakha often notes that Lisa and Lucy are her right and left hands. Lisa is the mother of Kyle, a high school student. Lisa has an amazing ability to remember the names of all of our patients, and their children. Her cheerful attitude always makes our patients feel at ease.